Dark Day Mondays

Troy Foundry Theatre is accepting submissions for new plays.  The selected plays will be presented in staged reading format throughout Troy, NY as a part of our new Dark Day Mondays Series, with the possibility of being considered for full staging.

The plays selected during this round of submission will have Dark Day Monday readings in December of 2017 in the Theatre of Revolt: A Festival of Resistance session, which will explore themes of revolt, resistance, rebellion, or defiance (politically, socially, physically, or emotionally.)

Submission Details:

The submitted play needs to be recently written and possibly never staged before. We are not interested in monologues. There are no restrictions on script-length or subject.

Submissions will be accepted through Monday, November 13, 2017.

All applications need to be sent to troyfoundrytheatre@gmail.com with the subject line:
“New Play Submission 2017_Playwrights Name_ Play’s Title”
(example: “New Play Submission 2017 – Smith John – The Game ”)

The email needs to have attached:

  • The full play in PDF format.
  • Logline: 6 lines maximum that summarizes the core of the story and highlight its originality.
  • The playwright’s phone number and email
  • The playwright’s resume
  • If the play has already received or will receive a reading/staging, please let us know the details of where and when.

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If there is a question we have not addressed in our submission details above, please fill out form below and we'll get back to you asap.

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