Who is the Troy Foundry Theatre?

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Who are we?

We are Citizen Artists

The Troy Foundry Theatre is a group of like-minded artists that are committed to producing groundbreaking work in and around Historic Troy, NY. We are a theatre of inquiry, but the name Troy Theatre Foundry is truly purposeful. It conjures the kind of energy that is used to meld something out of the shapeless. We create by joining together. Troy Foundry Theatre is about harnessing creative energy and learning from one other.

Our Work

Our goal is to continue to learn and explore our craft, and create fearless and unflinching theatre. We want to embrace an aesthetic that is specific to Troy. As such, our work will be equal parts physically bold, even brutal, and at others, vulnerable and tender.

Our Process

The artistic aims of our organization are to explore popular culture and important issues in today’s society in an interesting, entertaining and insightful manner. We want to champion new drama and challenge the status quo. We would like to focus on new writing – or new writing based off of relevant extant writing. As we invite artists to come play with us, we want to develop an ethos of collaboration and empowerment, find those artists in places we don't always see and bring them into the light.

Our Audience

We’d also like to actively engage our audience. We'll talk to our patrons - both active and potential - to get their views on what they would like to see and information about their real life experiences to ensure our performances are appealing to our main target audience. It is important that our work be relatable and appreciated by a variety of different social groups and cultures. We want to especially bring young people and others into the theatre who might not ordinarily think to go and see a play.